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Madhya Pradesh, IN
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  • Jabalpur
  • Jabalpur
  • Jabalpur
  • Jabalpur


It is situated in heart of Madhya Pradesh and is well connected to all the Tiger Reserves and National Parks. i.e. Bandhavgarh National Park , Kanha National Park , Pench National Park, Panna National Park , Satpura National Park.

The weather in Jabalpur is seasonal with good rainfall and extreme summers. Winter is mild and tourists visit throughout the year.

Getting there

By Air: Regular flights operate from Mumbai, Hyderabad and New Delhi to Jabalpur.

By Rail: Jabalpur Railway Station is a major railhead which links from Mumbai and Howrah line via Allahabad. All major express, mail and passenger trains halt here.

By Road: Frequent bus services to all neighbouring destinations are available. Jabalpur is well connected by road.


Marble Rocks, Bhedaghat

Carved by the Narmada, marble rocks is an 8 km long gorge made by the river water brushing through soft marble.

Dhuandhar waterfalls find place in the very famous book "Highlands of Central India" where Captain J. Forsyth described it's beauty.

Boat rides are available from November to May depending upon the monsoon. Dhuandhar as the name suggests means "smoke". The force with which the water falls makes it a beautiful sight.

Places to see: Marble Rocks, Dhuandhar Waterfalls, Bandarkoodni and Chausat Yogini Temple.


Madan Mahal Fort

Built in 1116 by Madan Shah a Gond Ruler, Madan Mahal is a famous tourist spot in Jabalpur. The fort has been built on a high hill which offers a panaromic view of the whole city.


Balancing Rock

A miracle of nature "balancing rock" has been there since the beginning of time. A balanced on another rock with just its tip resting on the other. A very popular attraction amongst locals and tourists Balancing Rock is a must visit on your trip to Jabalpur.


Chausath Yogini Temple

Chausath Yogini Temple is situated atop of a hill and can be reached by a long flight of steps. It has been made up of local granite which speaks about the ancient dynasties that ruled Jabalpur. Dedicated to goddess Durga the temple has a unique carved stone figure deity from the 10th century. The temple is surrounded by 64 shrines one for each yogini. The main shrine is of Lord Shiva with goddess Parvati riding Nandi, the sacred bull. It is believed that there is an underground tunnel which connects the temple to the Queen Durgavati's Palace.


Rani Durgavati Memorial & Museum

This memorial and museum is dedicated to the memory of great queen of Gondwana Rani Durgavati. The museum is a house of fine collection of sculptures, inscription and pre historic relics.


Pisanhari Jain Temple

Pisanhari ki madiya is a 500 year old Jain pilgrimage situated in Jabalpur. It is believed to have been built by lady who was inspired by the preaching of gurus. The temple is situated at a height of 300 ft. and has two idols from 1587.


Bargi Dam

Bargi Dam is situated just 40 kms south of Jabalpur city. Out of the 30 major dam projects on Narmada, Bargi was amongst the very first to be completed. The construction started in 1974 and the dam was completed in 1990. The backwaters of bargi spreads around three major districts in Madhya Pradesh ie. Jabalpur, Mandla and Seoni. The Hydro Power Generation plants capacity in Bargi is 90 Megawatt.

The backwaters of bargi is also home to some rare birds which makes it a hotspot for photographers, wildlifers and birders. Some birds that can be easily sighted are river terns, river lapwings and gulls.

Activities near Bargi: Cruise Ride, Motor Boat and Speed Boats.


Other Places of Interest in Jabalpur

Pat Baba Temple, Gwarighat, Sharda Temple Baglamukhi Temple, Dumna Nature Reserve, Gandhi Ashram, Kachnar City Shiva Temple

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