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Madhya Pradesh, IN
  • Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh
  • Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh
  • Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh


The main stupa was originally built by the Great Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. He was married to merchant's daughter (Devi) of Vidisha. Their son Mahindra and daughter Sanghamitra were born in Ujayini and sent to Sri Lanka where they converted the king, the queen and there people to Buddhism

Getting there

By Air: Nearest Airport is Bhopal (210 kms) & Jabalpur (230 kms).

By Rail: Pipariya Railway Station (60 kms) is the most convenient railhead to get down at for Pachmari.

By Road: Panchmari is connected through buses from Bhopal, Hoshangabad, Jabalpur and Nagpur. Taxis are available from Pachmari & also Pipariya.


Great Stupa No. 1

One of the oldest stone structure of the India with a diameter of 36.5 m and a height of 16.4 m. With a massive hemispherical dome, the stupa stands in eternal majesty, the paved procession path around it worn smooth by centuries of pilgrims.


The Four Gateways

The four sets of lions situated at the top of each pillar are the four gateways. The gates were not included at first when the stupas were planned. The gates have one of the finest architectures and are covered with reliefs. All the four gateways of the Sanchi stupa date back to the first century BC. The main entrance is the southern gate which was built first. The northern, western and the eastern gates followed. Scenes of Gautam Buddha's birth and major events from Asoka's life are also embedded.


The Ashoka Pillar

Close to the southern gateway of the Stupa is one of the finest examples of the Buddhist style of Architecture. The most remarkable quality of the Ashoka Pillar is that it is very well proportioned and has an exquisite structural balance.


The Great Bowl

The great Ghumba or the great bowl is a huge bowl carved out of a single block of stone which was then used to store food items that were distributed to the monks.


The Gupta Temple

Built in the 5th century A.D the Gupta temple is one of the earliest known examples of temple architecture in India.


The Museum

The site museum at Sanchi is maintained by the Archeological Survey of India. Display in museum includes the lion capital of the Ashokan pillar and other metal objects used by the monks that were discovered while the excavations in Sanchi.

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