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Madhya Pradesh, IN
  • Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh
  • Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh
  • Places to visit in MP
  • Places to visit in MP


Discovered in 1857 by Captain James Forsyth Pachmarhi is a famous tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh. It is known for some ancient caves from the Buddhist era & beautiful waterfalls.


Dhoopgarh, the highest point of the Satpuda range & central India is located in Panchmarhi. The Panchmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary which is a part of the Satpuda Tiger Reserve offers plenty of birds and mammals to wildlife and nature lovers. Some of the rare birds of Madhya Pradesh can be found in Panchmarhi which attracts photographers from all around the globe.

Panchmarhi is well connected to Bhopal, Nagpur, Hoshangabad, Pipariya and Jabalpur.

Getting there:

By Air: Nearest Airport is Bhopal (210 kms) & Jabalpur (230 kms).

By Rail: Pipariya Railway Station (60 kms) is the most convenient railhead to get down at for Pachmari.

By Road: Pachmari is connected through buses from Bhopal, Hoshangabad, Jabalpur and Nagpur. Taxis are available from Pachmari & also Pipariya.


Priyadarshini ( Forsyth Point )

The vintage point from where Pachmari was first discovered by Captain James Forsyth in 1857. This give an eagle eye's view of the whole area.


Jamuna Prapat (Bee Fall)

Popularly known as Bee Fall, this is the most famous waterfall in Panchmarhi. It is known as the lifeline of the area as it is a source of drinking water. It gets its name from the water falling from a great height which feels like a bee sting.


Rajat Prapat (Big fall)

Sunlight falling on water makes it look like silver, hence the name. It is at a 10 minute walk from Apsara Vihar. The big fall is a picnic hangout for families.


Mahadeo Hill

This is famous for the shrine with an idol of lord Shiva. Mahadeo hill has a shrine with an idol of lord Siva and an impressive shivling art an excellent cave shelter with paintings is situated in east side of the hill .



This is a holy cave under the huge rocks from which the stream named JambuDwip has its source the rocks here in the caves looks like lord shiva.


Pandav Caves

There are 5 ancient caves excavated from the sandstone rock in the low hill, there is a myth that once it provided shelter to pandavas.


Catholic church & Christ Church

The catholic church was constructed in 1892 by British is a blend of French and Irish architecture. It has symmetry attached to it and graves date back from 1859, World War I & II. Christ church was built in 1875 by the British. It is a small but a very beautiful church in Madhya Pradesh.



It is a holy hill top and important place of satpura mountain range it is 4 km away from Mahadeo.



The dhoopgarh mountain is the highest peak of Madhya Pradesh. It is famous of its sunset view and scenic beauty of hill range.

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